Why Re:Pad

Re:Pad is a specialist in manufacturing reusable cloth pads with superior absorbent technology powered by Cobalt-Terry microfibre. It is made out of high-quality anti-microbial treated fabrics ensuring a soft, durable surface allowing fast absorbency and resistance to moisture. As the disposables are typically made from combinations of plastics, SAP’s super absorbent polymers, synthetic fibers and wood pulp, these materials are then bleached with chlorine dioxide often leading to allergic reactions, hormones disruption, etc. Re:Pad provides a healthier, breathable, and ecologically viable alternative. A pack of Re:Pad provides effective protection for up to 18 menstrual cycles providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. It comes with snap buttons assuring secured fastening at all times. The last layer of the pad has been laminated ensuring protection from leakages or irritation and provides holistic hygiene and comfort at all times.

Superior Absorbent Technology

It is made out of High Quality Antimicrobial treated fabrics ensuring a soft,durable surface allowing fast absorbency and resistance to moisture.

Chemicals and toxins

Re:Pad is made out of natural fibres without the use of any harmful chemicals. Your body deserves a toxic free experience.

Environmental friendly

Re:Pad is the perfect solution to our piling plastic waste. Its biodegradable and keeps a check on our Carbon footprint on planet earth.