Anti-Microbial Reusable Pads

Re:Pad is specialized in manufacturing reusable cloth pads with superior absorbent technology powered by Cobalt-Terry microfibre. It is made out of high-quality Anti-Microbial treated fabrics ensuring fast absorbency and resistance to moisture.

Our pads are Sustainable, cost-effective, eco-friendly, easy to carry, and also prevent Health hazards like urinary tract infections, yeast infections, cervical cancer, etc. A non-toxic, non-bleaching technology, Re:Pad has been tested by certified agencies like REACH & ROHS

Our Unique Solution


Re:Pad is developed with natural fibres without the use of any harmful chemicals. Your body deserves a toxic-free experience and we ensure to provide a comfort zone to all the females out there.


Re:Pad is a cost-effective solution for the contemporary world. The hassle of buying a plastic pad for every menstrual cycle ends here with the most economical cotton cloth pad solutions available.


The sanitary pads are easy-to-use, lightweight, and are packaged along with easy-to-carry pocket-sized reusable travel pouches which is the best solution for women on the go. 

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Our Story

In India, there are over 35 million menstruating women and girls yet millions of women across the country still face significant barriers to a comfortable and dignified experience with menstrual health and have no access to preferred, high-quality MHM products. Taking this into consideration, we are thriving towards ending the period poverty with our products that are economical for both women and the environment.

Re:Pad, founded in 2014 has decided to take a progressive step to provide a better alternative with Reusable Sanitary Pads. We strive to be renowned for our innovation, fearlessness, and commitment to social justice & rehabilitation and help make this time of the month so much more bearable and convenient for all women across the globe. It’s not just the uneducated & unemployed women who struggle every day; it is also about the irrevocable trust Re:Pad has earned among several million females from the urban sectors, globally. We are symbolized as crusaders for the use of alternative materials and zero-waste products in feminine hygiene.

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This is the best thing ever.
Easy washable, I rinse well and then wash in the machine, smells fresh after drying. Please try it once, you will stop using disposable pads.


Best during low period flow
Comfortable n soft Doesn't stain after wash.


I have been using it for months now. It's great. Easy to wash and dry. It has in effect changed my life. I can even go out and about without any worry with this product. Absolutely loved it.


Our Product Partners

As a sustainable alternative and a discovery for healthy feminine hygiene, cotton pads for periods are a game-changer for both the body and the planet. Processed from natural and pure cotton, these sanitary pads are a revolutionary approach to the best menstrual care, reducing irritation and discomfort. Beyond their superior comfort features, the pads are reusable, significantly contributing to the environment by reducing disposable waste in landfills.

Mastering the art of creating eco-friendly solutions, Re: Pad stands out as the most reliable brand of sanitary pads that delivers an exceptional period experience. Our premium cotton period pads are ideal for menstruation if you contend with health challenges, allergies or infections, discomfort, heavy flow, or leakage concerns. Addressing the diverse intimate issues that differ from woman to woman, Re: Pad's best cotton pads for periods enhance holistic well-being. It has the most cost-effective solution for making your period days effortless and trouble-free!

In the era of heightened environmental awareness, Re: Pad has stepped towards bringing more pragmatic feminine hygiene solutions to make the planet plastic-free. Standing at the forefront of initiatives aimed at replacing hundreds of disposable counterparts, Re: Pad conserves resources and alleviates the financial strain of monthly expenditures on period products. Seize this opportunity to get your hands on eco-friendly cotton pads that exhibit exceptional durability, absorption, and an added layer of protection to ease your sleep, travel, and party!

Discover your ultimate savior in the superior collection of reusable sanitary pads from Re: Pad. Here's an exceptional alternative if you use disposable pads and grapple with persistent health issues: switching to cloth pads for periods would transform your challenging days into moments of enchantment.

Protecting you from discomfort, leaks, allergies, and infections, Re: Pad's assortment of period pads is meticulously designed with gentle cotton fabrics devoid of chemicals or odors, ensuring freshness and safety from dawn to dusk. With proper care, these pads can last for years with easy maintenance.

Re: Pad products boast multiple layers of protection, effectively elevating leakage concerns while facilitating optimal airflow to avoid moisture. This guarantees a consistently dry environment and confidence all day, preventing the potential risk of infection and allergies.

Here's to the range of organic sanitary pads from Re: Pad that make a positive impact on your health and well-being:

Panty LinersMaxi PadsSuper Maxi Pads

Panty Liners

Re: Pad range of panty liners are the ultimate heroes of the daily freshness dose! These mini versions of pads promise round-the-clock safety and confidence, keeping you active and carefree.

Designed to manage light discharge during the final days of menstruation, Re: Pad's panty liners are a comfortable and convenient choice. The slim design and highly protected cotton layers of Re: Pad's panty liners offer an exceptional level of security from any leaks. You can hit the gym and spend a long day working or travelling; panty liners from Re: Pad will always have your back. Instead of using regular-sized periods, panty liners for those last days are highly recommended since they can be cost-effective.

Maxi Pads

Repad's maxi pads - the pinnacle of period protection! Emphasizing your comfort and convenience, Re:Pad's maxi pads are ultra-soft and irritation-free pads made from natural fibres to safeguard your health. The pads ensure no leaks, no discomfort, and unstoppable confidence and freshness all day. Despite heavy flow days, Re: Pad maxi pads' multiple layers of protection provide excellent security by effectively locking the menstrual flow.

Additionally, the maxi pads are superiorly eco-conscious, potentially saving you a lot of money over time. Invest in a superior-quality maxi pad and enjoy a worry-free menstrual experience!

Super Maxi Pads

Re: Pad's super maxi pads deserve all your attention when it's about heavy-duty protection while travelling or at work. These pads are the go-to choice, crafted with silky-soft cotton that ensures extra absorbency capabilities to deal with heavy flows. Now, you can effectively secure your period blood, keep moisture locked for a long time, and prevent germs and bacteria.

With Re: Pad eco-friendly choice, super maxi pads, it's time to treat your periods well, boosting your mood and confidence while you are busy doing something else!

Re: Pad is not just limited to offering exceptional pads; it extends to offering an unparalleled range of menstrual cups. Available in different sizes, the cups are silicone-made and are designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of needs. Suitable for lighter and heavier flows, Re: Pad's menstrual cups are a seamless solution while you travel, party, or spend a long day at work. What are you waiting for? Here's the time to elevate your well-being by prioritizing your health with Re: Pads menstrual cups.

Made in India

Re: Pad stands as a pioneer in bringing reusable sanitary pads to India and has been influencing Indian women to make the right move for their health with superior-quality products. Choosing Repad means fostering India's growth by forging ahead in Indian industries.

Eco-Friendly Sanitary Products

Re: Pad is an eco-friendly alternative that serves the dual purpose of benefiting the human body and the planet. The products are crafted with sustainable materials, embodying a commitment to making mindful choices and promoting overall hygiene. Additionally, they are designed to be gentle on any skin type, particularly your intimate areas, safeguarding you against allergies and infections.

Holistic Hygiene and Comfort

RePad emphasizes maintaining hygiene standards for the environment and your body. Made of natural fibres, the pads offer unmatchable protection, effectively covering your vagina from moisture and dampness. Order sanitary pads from RePad, the most comfortable and personalized way to practice holistic hygiene!

Fastest Delivery

Buying sanitary pads wouldn't have been this easy! All credits go to the fastest and same-day delivery promise of Re: Pad, which eases down your buying process.