Reusable Sanitary Pads Are the Next Best Choices to Make

Reusable Sanitary Pads Are the Next Best Choices to Make

Oh, it’s those days of the month! Ask a girl with a heavy flow, and she will tell you how inconvenient the usual pads are. You will have to change them often, and there’s always the risk of leakage. Besides, the single-use pads are not eco-friendly. These use a lot of chemicals that can be harmful to your sensitive body.

Cloth Pads are the Best

Seriously, you need to find the next best choice!

Say hello to reusable sanitary pads. There’s nothing so useful like them, only if you can overcome the icky feeling of washing them. It’s very easy if you try. If a little bit of extra effort from your side does a huge favor to the environment, then why not?

So, back to basics, get back to cloth pads. Thankfully, you have modern reusable pads with extra leak-proof features.

You Can Use a Reusable Pad Pack for More than One Year 

The good news is, you can use these products for 18 months. Just imagine how cost-effective these are! You need to use only 8 reusable pads against 192 regular disposable pads. Do you know that due to the chemicals and plastics, a typical pad takes about 800 years to decompose? Cloth pads are biodegradable, cause a lesser environmental impact, and save you from a lot of trouble in the meantime.

Switch Over to Reusable Pads for a Relaxing Experience

Many sisters are choosing these options for a smooth, odor-free period experience. Are you ready to make the choice like they did? You can get these super pads in the widest range of sizes so that they suit every body type. These products can perfectly meet your every need, from the days of spotting to heavy flows. 

The manufacturers have made sure that these pads have no side leak issues due to absorbent wings. Besides, the pads have two vertical metal buttons, ensuring a firm grip. They have been made after considerable research on female body types. This ensures that there is no unwanted movement, and the pads stay firmly in place.

You can Trust these Pads to be Good to Your Body

These pads are as safe as your panties because they have antimicrobial properties. They kill 99.99% of bacteria, making you feel entirely safe.

Each product has three protective layers. The topmost layer is of soft-adsorbent microfleece 100% polyester. Next, the middle layer is super-absorbent micro terry. Finally, the third layer is anti-leak polyurethane laminate (PUL). The anti-microbial layers kill bacteria and fungus also, keeping your body protected.

These are Easily Washable and Dry in a Few Hours

You can easily wash them using a mild detergent. The stains go away with a little bit of rubbing. Simply soak them in warm water for some time before washing them. However, you should avoid using fabric softeners and bleaching products as these chemicals can damage the softness.

You can dry the pads both indoors and outdoors. They get ready for use within three to four hours. You can also tumble dry the products on low heat.

Switch over to these, and you will never regret your choice.