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Re:Pad is one of the first initiators of sustainable feminine personal hygiene in India. We manufacture and sell washable & reusable cloth pads. Our goal is to create a revolutionary change in the social as well as environmental statistics of society.

Re:Pad is a brand that resembles and respects the personal values of a woman. The progressive nature of business opens up new avenues and fresh thinking to quickly adapt to changes. The journey of delivering pride to women started in 2014 inspired by Swach bharat abhiyan in India. With the rise in statistics of wastes reaching landfills from women’s hygiene motivated us to develop reusable cloth pads. Around 12.3 billion sanitary napkins, amounting to 113,000 tons of waste, reached India's landfills every year, according to a Central Pollution Control Board report (2018-19).

Being the manufacturer of Re:Pad, we believe in providing sustainable hygiene solutions with a focus on Menstrual Hygiene Management. Through our awareness programs at Re:Pad, we work towards facilitating a unique and independent way of thinking, based on logical perspectives and scientific facts. The main focus is to teach our target group about the alternates of sanitary pads along with the hazardous outcomes of using disposable sanitary pads on their body as well as it may also cause inflammatory diseases. We will also teach them on the perilous impact of disposable sanitary pads on the environment such as how one sanitary pad takes 700-800 years to decompose, polluting land, sea, and air.

The thought is to provide basic menstrual and sanitation hygiene to each and every woman in our country and we are closely working towards this initiative. During the pandemic, along with the NGOs and our associates we ensured to reach the maximum number of women and made sure that they will get the best set of hygienic amenities with Re:Pad. Taking this forward, we have created a regional team for the supply of Reusable sanitary pads at various locations across the country. Also, menstruation is a taboo in India and a subjective topic to discuss, therefore, it leads to a situation wherein a woman doesn’t know about her body and the changes it occurs over the years. Keeping this in mind, we are conducting menstrual hygiene workshops and created a dedicated team of women as our ‘Re:Pad Ambassador’, working with us to make it possible at their respective levels.

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Our Mission

We strive to be renowned for our innovation, fearlessness, and commitment to social justice & rehabilitation. Our Magna mission is to end the Period Poverty. To be symbolized as crusaders for the use of alternative materials and zero-waste products in feminine hygiene is what we believe in. Our products are good not just for the body, but also for the environment as well as for the community.

Menstruation is a natural cyclic process occurring every month for females. This is a phenomenon that we come across in our everyday life but is often overlooked. Although nearly half the global population is female, a good portion doesn’t have access to sanitary products. Re:Pad has undertaken the initiative to provide multifaceted products that help make this time of the month so much more bearable and convenient for all women across the globe. It’s not just the uneducated & unemployed women who struggle every day to make ends meet that Re:Pad helps empower. It is also about the irrevocable trust Re:Pad has earned among several million females from the semi-urban and urban sectors, globally.

Our mission is to become a global brand leader in sustainable personal hygiene.


The United Nations has recognized menstrual hygiene as a global public health and human rights issue. And yet around the globe “alleviation of period poverty” is still a far-fetched dream, when it comes to millions of women and girls. Re: Pad has four broad approaches to promoting and improving menstrual health around the world.

• To reach women & young girls directly to provide menstrual supplies & safe sanitation education facilities to them.

• To promote menstrual health information and benefits of using reusable Re:Pad pads and thus try to eradicate ‘Period Poverty’ and destroy years-long taboos around the natural process.

• To stay connected with such human rights organizations wherein menstrual health & hygiene can be explained and provided to each woman.

• To collect time to time data and evidence about menstrual health and its connection to global health and development.

The overwhelmingly positive response received from our customers has only humbled us and motivated us further to strive for excellence. We are deeply committed to carrying out operations and management that is friendly in both environmental & social aspects to provide a better and secure future for millions of people on the planet.

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Our Team

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This is where we step in

Menstrual hygiene has been recognized as global public health and human rights issue by various health organizations across the globe, but still, we are unable to eliminate “period poverty” and the gap widens at every level.

This is where we lend a helping hand. We have directed our vision of providing a secure, hygienic future to millions, on global outreach and our approach is highly focused and holistic to contribute towards the welfare of the feminine population.



2 Maxi Pads (Pink)



Reusable Sanitary Pads Pack of 2 pink maxi pad for moderate flow & 2 blue super maxi pads for heavy flow with a leak proof pouch



3 Super Maxi Pads (Blue)



Reusable Sanitary Pads Pack of 2 maxi pad for moderate flow & 4 super maxi pads for heavy flow with a leak proof pouch



Reusable Sanitary Pads Pack 3 maxi pad for moderate flow & 1 super maxi pads for heavy flow with a leak proof pouch



3 Maxi Pads (Pink)



Reusable Sanitary Pads Pack of 4 maxi pad for moderate flow & 1 Super maxi pads for heavy flow with a leak proof pouch



Reusable Sanitary Pads Pack of 1 maxi pad for moderate flow & 4 super maxi pads for heavy flow with a leak proof pouch



Reusable Sanitary Pads Pack of 6 maxi pad for moderate flow & 2 super maxi pads for heavy flow with a leak proof pouch



Panty Liner Pack of 3 (Blue)


Panty Liner Pack of 3 (Pink)

Panty Liner Pack of 4 (Pink)


Panty Liner Pack of 4 (Pink)

Panty Liner Pack of 4 (Blue)

Panty Liner Pack of 4 (Blue)

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