Reusable Sanitary Pads Reusable Sanitary Pads

    Reusable Sanitary Pads

    Make Periods Tension-Free with Re: Pad Reusable Sanitary Pads

    Periods never come alone. They always bring overwhelming tension and worry about leakage, comfort, usage, or health hazards. And do you know the reason? Regular sanitary pads contain chemicals and synthetic fabrics that cause rashes and infections, resulting in major health problems.

    Like every problem has a solution, here you have the best alternative with reusable cotton pads designed using antimicrobial-treated fabrics and other natural materials like cotton. Re: Pad, one of the best and most reliable reusable sanitary pad manufacturers in India, prioritizes your health and ensures ultimate protection with feather-like feels. Easy to carry, reuse, and wash, you can use a reusable pad up to 75 times, saving a lot of money. Its superior-quality materials and multiple layers of protection prevent moisture, keeping you safe from germs and bacteria.

    The best part is that Re: Pad reusable cloth pads are sustainable, contributing immensely to saving the environment while respecting the personal values of women.

    Features of Reusable Cotton Pads

    • Easy to carry and wash
    • It can be used for 18 Months
    • Made of antimicrobial fabrics, providing resistance to moisture
    • Comfortable and soft, it feels like a feather
    • Comes in multiple layers to enhance leak protection
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Ultimate protection layer to prevent health hazards
    • Environment-friendly choice, reducing the amount of waste

    Why Choose Our Reusable Sanitary Pads for Heavy Flow?

    Maximum Absorbency

    Made of highly absorbent fabrics like organic cotton, our reusable pads keep you dry and fresh by capturing and locking maximum fluid. With Re: Pad, you can live worry-free period days.

    Leak-Proof Design

    Our reusable period pads have multiple layers of protection and a leak-proof design to provide you with the highest absorbent power. Re: Pad allows you to have the best choice for heavy flows!

    Extended Coverage

    Heavy flow days need extra protection by covering the entire area. Our sanitary pads are comparatively longer and wider, minimizing the risk of heavy flow leaks, especially at night.