The First Period Signs: 3 Things Every Girl Needs to Know

The First Period Signs: 3 Things Every Girl Needs to Know

Are you about to get your period for the first time and worried about it? Relax; we're all girls, and it's a natural process of the female reproductive system. And the best part is that Repad, being a female hygiene product brand, is here with you at every step of your period journey to guide you throughout.

So you are finally going to be a big girl! Getting a period is a natural part of your life and nothing to be ashamed of. There's no right or wrong about feeling your first period. A period called menstruation is the shedding of the uterus lining, which happens every month or every 28 days. The duration of your period cycle also depends on your health conditions. Periods typically begin between the ages of 8 and 15, depending on your medical health conditions and when your mother and sister had their first period. The first period signs the beginning of your reproductive journey and can have an impact on your physical and emotional well-being. From craving something you like the most to experiencing cramps, the first-period experience varies from girl to girl.

While it's the first time, you might feel anxious and unsure about your first period. Here is the guide to making you feel comfortable with every step, starting with what to expect and what to do when your first period hits.

The First Period Signs

As for your periods, they won't surprise you but will notify you when they're coming. Several signs tell you that your period is on its way. From noticing changes in your body to experiencing changes in your emotions and moods, puberty gives you a signs about the first period. Here are the signs to notice:

Budding of Breast:- You will notice small bumps around your nipples, and the colour will get darker and coarser. Most girls hit their first period after two to three years, when their breasts started growing.

Pubic Hair:- You may also notice pubic and underarm hairs, another sign of getting periods for the first time. 

Body Shape:- Your body will start changing, with the biggest spurt happening before you experience periods. So if, after growing a lot last year, suddenly your growth has slowed down, then it's a sign that you will be getting your first period soon. 

Vaginal Discharge:- After the breasts bud, you will notice a white fluid discharging from your vagina. A bit wet and weird-feeling, vaginal discharge is very important as it keeps you clean from the inside. This marks the beginning of your period cycle.

What to Expect

As menstruation is a part of your body, you may also experience a range of emotional changes. These include:

Cramps:- You might experience abdominal cramps similar to menstrual cramps. It gives you a sign that you will be having your first period. 

Mood Swings:- Coming close to the menstruation cycle, hormonal changes can affect your mood every minute. The hormonal changes can cause mood swings and make you feel emotional or sometimes irritable, which is again normal. 

Relief:- For some, getting a period for the first time can be a relief, as it is the beginning of the reproductive journey and can bring a sense of maturity.

What to Do When Your First Period Hits

Getting a period for the first time or on the first day of your cycle can be overwhelming for you. But as you will be a big girl now, you must stay calm and take practical steps to deal with it. Here are some things you should do when your first period hits:

Get Prepared:- You can prepare yourself by knowing what to do while on your period and by having some menstrual products in hand before your period arrives. Let us share a secret: Repad's high-quality reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups would be the right choice for you as the products are made of natural fibers and are completely chemical-free. 

Choose the Right Period Products:- Choosing the right period product plays an important role, as it's about your hygiene, which should be taken care of. It would be recommended that instead of going with the regular disposable pads made of synthetic fibers and chemicals that cause rashes and irritation, you choose reusable cotton and eco-friendly pads that give you the most comfortable feeling.

Keep Track of Your Period Cycle:- Tracking your period cycle helps you understand your menstrual cycle. It also enables you to identify any irregularities in your period cycles. 

Practice Good Hygiene:- Practicing good hygiene is a must to take care of during periods, especially during your first period. And, for that, you can trust Repad's products designed to protect you from inside and out, keeping you safe from health issues. 

Now that you know about the first period, the physical and emotional changes, and what to do when you get your first period, you can embrace this exciting journey with full confidence and a smile on your face. Remember, a smile and confidence are your powerful weapons to deal with periods. 

But this is not it! Make Repad your period companion forever, and look how smoothly it turns all your worries into comfort. It's time to take you to the next step of growing up. Stay tuned and read other blogs to learn more about periods and hygiene.