Postpone Your Period: Here’s How?

Postpone Your Period: Here’s How?

Delaying your menstruation or period means postponing a natural phenomenon in your body. While some prefer to take pills to do the same, some also resort to eating different types of food to carry on the process naturally. This brings in many questions, concerns and queries from individuals, such as whether or not delaying the period must be done naturally or through hormonal pills. In this article, we will discuss ways to delay your period naturally, the right diet intake, and whether ‘delaying your period’ is normal. 

There are many reasons why women wish to delay their period. From attending an event to going in for a vacation, females or individuals who bleed tend to delay their period for various reasons. At times, it becomes essential to delay periods, and thankfully, this need is met with advanced medical technology and clinical research. At present, it is very much possible to delay your period without having to worry about health hazards. Females usually pop a prescription pill; however, there are also ways that may or may not help you delay your period. These are mostly natural and can be done through a dietary process. 

Postpone Or Delay Your Period With These Foods

1. Lemon: A very common citric fruit, lemons are believed to be one of the traditional and ancient remedies to delay a period. Many consume lemon to avoid varied health complications and boost their Vitamin C levels. Before you increase the intake, you must be informed that high consumption of acidic food may cause irritation in your body, like in the stomach, mouth, teeth, and gums. To delay your period, however, take a few drops of lemon juice with water, which might help you postpone your period. Unfortunately, no research or health experts swear by this method.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): The Internet, and social media in general, is filled with content that talks about ACV’s numerous benefits. From weight loss to period delay, this potion seems like the answer to all. Wish to give this a try? Take a spoonful of ACV and mix with water before your period arrives. This could work, although there is insufficient evidence to support the claim. 

3. Lentil Soup: Drinking a bowl of lentil soup can be extremely comforting. For postponing your period, having a bowl of gram lentil soup is a better idea. All you need to do is roast your desired amount of gram, grind and turn it into fine powder. Later, store it in a tight container. Before your period arrives, prepare a soup of the gram and drink it for a few days. It is crucial to remember that you shouldn’t overdo the consumption if you undergo health discomfort, like bloating, acidity, etc. 

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4. Spices: Eating food filled with spices can increase your blood flow. To keep the body from having a period, it is best to light foods during that time of the month or when your periods are approaching. 

5. Gelatin: An ancient Chinese belief is that consuming gelatin can affect your period. Mixing gelatin powder with a glass of water can delay your periods. Right from a few hours to even a week, gelatin is believed to be effective in delaying periods for a prolonged period. 

6. Cool Fruits & Vegetables: Certain fruits and vegetables, like cucumber, watermelon, melons, or bottle gourd, can cool down the body extensively. This automatically reduces the chances of you getting your periods earlier than usual and creates a delay in the cycle. 

Is The Natural Way Effective?

Most of the time, these dietary additions may or may not be effective. But there have been instances where these methods have actually worked for certain women, and interestingly, they swear by them. However, individuals for whom the natural method doesn’t work can visit a medical practitioner and seek professional help to delay their periods. The right kind of consultation can help you decide what is best for your body or your situation. 

One of the best things about these dietary additions is that they do not affect the body or create any adverse side effects. These foods are naturally consumed and can, therefore, be eaten to delay your period. However, it is always advisable to proceed with your menstrual delay only after medical consultation, as consuming these pills without consultation may lead to unnecessary health complications. 

Is This Risky?

Well, yes, it might be risky to pop a pill and delay your period unless it naturally happens. It is always best to let the body take its own course. And, of course, for the times when you can’t help, seek medical supervision. This will ensure you are less prone to mess up with your menstrual health and stay safe. 

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