Are Reusable Sanitary Pads Safe for Use?

Are Reusable Sanitary Pads Safe for Use?

Using or switching to reusable pads will have several benefits, like higher absorbency for heavy flow, easy accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. But you might wonder if using reusable sanitary pads or even reusable panty liners is safe and hygienic. It’s okay to wonder about it, as it’s about your personal health and hygiene.   

Reading this blog will clarify your doubts about the safety and hygiene of reusable sanitary pads.  

Does regular use cause itchiness and rashes? 

Repad, where the organic sanitary pads are made of natural cotton and breathable fibres, keeps you away from all kinds of rashes and infections. These pads are designed to provide comfort and a soft texture to your skin, preventing reactions. As Repad reusable pads are 100% organic, they are free from any harsh and toxic chemicals that generally cause itchiness and redness when they get in touch with your skin. The breathable fibre of the pad enhances the airflow, reducing moisture and keeping the area dry all day, which is needed to prevent irritation and bacterial growth.  

Though regular use of reusable sanitary pads does not cause any itching, rashes, or health issues, there are chances if they are not washed and stored correctly. You must take the right steps for cleaning and storing it, as it ensures that the pad is bacteria- and germ-free, preventing any itchiness and rashes on your skin.  

Do they cause infections? 

Concerning the infections that lead to severe intimate health problems, which you might have experienced while using regular disposable pads, it is okay. Infections typically occur when a disposal pad comes into contact with your skin for a long time. It restricts the airflow and traps excessive moisture, which makes the environment warm and damp and allows bacterial growth. The chemicals, dyes, and synthetic materials in a disposable pad disrupt the pH of your genital area, causing infections.  

However, a reusable pad from Repad made up of natural fibres and anti-microbial properties that come close to your skin works wonders in keeping the area dry and fresh while maintaining a balanced pH level. A reusable pad allows proper airflow without compromising the skin’s integrity, preventing moisture and the risk of infection.

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Do they smell? 

A reusable sanitary pad never smells bad. Unlike disposable pads, a reusable pad is free of chemicals, dyes, and artificial fragrances and is less likely to produce odours and foul smells. 

Additionally, a reusable cotton pad enables air to flow correctly, controlling moisture and reducing the risk of bacterial growth and fuel smell. Repad reusable pads have the power to keep you clean, dry, and fresher than disposable pads. However, correctly using, washing, and storing a reusable pad is essential to preventing odour buildup.

3 essential tips for keeping it hygienic? 

  • Pre-wash and soak

Pre-washing and soaking techniques involve rinsing the pad in cold water, which is a good idea before washing a used reusable pad. It makes the excessive blood rinse out easily. Once done, soak the pad in cold water with a gentle detergent for a few hours or at night to loosen the blood stains. 

  • Regular washing 

Regularly washing a reusable pad is essential to keeping it germ- and bacteria-free. This keeps the pad hygienic, ensuring that you are safe. Regular washing with cold or lukewarm water and detergent also softens the fabric.   

  • Proper drying 

After washing the pad, allow it to dry naturally before storing or reusing it. It’s advisable to let the sunlight flow on the pad to dry it naturally and make it work as a disinfectant. For indoor drying, keep the pad in a well-ventilated area.  

Conclusion: Are Reusable Pads safe? 

Yes, both reusable organic sanitary pads and reusable panty liners are safe for your overall health. A disposable pad of synthetic materials, dyes, and chemicals causes rashes and infections. This means they are not as safe as they need to be to ease your menstrual process.  

Repad reusable pads are cotton sanitary pads or cloth sanitary napkins made of soft cotton and non-toxic materials that are gentle on your skin. They are designed to manage heavy flows with the highest absorbency power, giving you ultimate protection. They are gentle on your skin and maintain the proper pH level your vagina needs.  

You can choose effectively and healthily with Repad organic sanitary pads to secure your menstrual cycle and personal health.