Do Sanitary Pads Cause Cervical Cancer?

Do Sanitary Pads Cause Cervical Cancer?

Menstruation is a natural process that every woman has to experience in her life. From cramps and bleeding to light spotting with cramping, it's a 7-day cycle that is very important to release tissues that your body no longer needs. Menstruation is also a mark of the beginning of a woman's fertility. 

Menstruation is not just a topic of the 7-day cycle; it's a topic of personal hygiene too. It's a natural biological process where you shed your uterus lining, allowing blood to flow, causing cramps and bleeding. Being a sensitive process, here comes the importance of taking care of your personal hygiene at the best level possible. Many of you might be considering sanitary pads for your periods. But have you ever considered what it is made of and whether it is safe or hazardous to your health?

Do Sanitary Pads Really Cause Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is a serious health concern many women worldwide are going through. And in recent years, some studies have found a link between sanitary pads and cervical cancer.  

There are various factors that cause cervical cancer, and one of them is the sanitary pad. Yes! Using a sanitary pad increases the risk of cervical cancer in a woman's body. Read the complete blog to know how. 

Sanitary pads are made of synthetic fibers and toxic chemicals, opening doors for diseases like infertility and cancer. Based on the small-scale testing and study, it was found that these regular sanitary pads available on the market contain phthalates and volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are generally used to make paints, aerosol sprays, and insect repellents. These compounds and toxic materials are used to manufacture pads to increase their elasticity, absorption, and durability.

Your body then absorbs these unwanted and hazardous chemicals at a higher rate. Exposure to these chemicals causes various health effects and increases the chances of cancer in your body.  

Your body then absorbs these unwanted and hazardous chemicals at a higher rate. Exposure to these chemicals causes various health effects and increases the chances of cancer in your body.  

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Symptoms of Cervical Cancer  

Cervical cancer is a condition that affects the lower part of your uterus, called the cervix. And detecting your cervical cancer at an early stage is crucial to saving your body from further illness.  

Here are some of the symptoms of cervical cancer:

1. Abnormal cramps and bleeding 

Abnormal or unusual cramps and bleeding are one of the major symptoms that you are a victim of cervical cancer. The unusual cramps can occur before or during your period. Heavy bleeding includes bleeding during the menstrual cycle, after intercourse, or after menopause. 

2. Heavy vaginal discharge 

Vaginal discharge is okay, but if you have an unusual vaginal discharge, it must be treated as soon as possible. Also, vaginal discharge can vary from heavy and watery to having a foul odor. Sometimes it has some blood spots in it, either between periods or post-menopause.

3. Painful urination

Sometimes you might experience pain or discomfort while urinating. It generally occurs at some level of cervical cancer. Painful urination is also associated with intact urinary infections and other effects on some of your private parts, causing worry in the future.

4. Light spotting after periods

Even if you are done with your 7-day menstrual period and can experience light spotting and cramping, it is a symptom of cervical cancer that should be treated.  

There were only a few of the common symptoms of cervical cancer. There are a few more, like fatigue, weight loss, and unusual pain in the lower part. Well, if these are the symptoms, you should get them treated by visiting the doctor at the earliest, as not taking the necessary steps will cause cancer at the maximum level. 

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