7 Exercises to Do During Periods and Avoid Pad Shifting

7 Exercises to Do During Periods and Avoid Pad Shifting

During periods, many of you commonly encounter challenges with your menstrual pad while engaging in physical activities like sitting, walking, sleeping, and especially exercising, which can lead to discomfort. However, refraining from exercises during periods should not be an option, as they are crucial in dealing with your period cramps, heavy flow, and vaginal health, promoting overall well-being. Engaging in practical physical activities also elevates your mood and confidence, keeping you focused.  

Have you ever given a second thought to your period care product, a sanitary pad? Even the slightest decision to buy a disposable sanitary pad can lead to inconvenience and discomfort during exercise. However, Repad, renowned for designing the best-quality pads for periods, has emerged as the most prominent choice for ensuring comfort and well-being. Repad’s reusable pads offer unmatchable comfort, and their natural protective shield safeguards your intimate health against potential infection and irritation. 

Promoting women’s health and safety, Repad guarantees reusable pads as your trusted and reliable companion, seamlessly accompanying you throughout your day, from invigorating exercise sessions to a peaceful night's sleep. Concerning the widespread challenge of pad shifting among women, Repad offers diverse sizes that cater to every need and preference, securing the pad within your garment. 

With Repad, you can conquer any challenge, including pad shifting during workouts or health concerns. Here are a few of the most effective exercises for holistic well-being:  

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Pelvic floor exercise is one of the most productive exercises to avoid pad shifting. It entails tightening the muscles around your anus and vagina, holding, and releasing. You can repeat this regime multiple times throughout the day. 

Gentle Yoga  

Gentle yoga is ideal for your periods because it enhances blood circulation, improves posture, and eases cramps. Choose a few gentle poses that are comfortable to avoid pad movement. Remember to avoid inverted poses during your menstrual days.  

Light Cardio  

Light cardio exercises like jogging, dancing, and jumping jacks increase blood flow while reducing discomfort. However, while exercising cardio, be mindful of your body's needs and refrain from pushing beyond your comfort level.


Incorporating gentle stretching and adjusting the intensity of your comfort effectively releases muscle tension and enhances flexibility. Gentle stretching reduces discomfort and mitigates any risk of pad shifting.  


Walking, a low-impact exercise, can effectively reduce menstrual cramps and ensure your pad stays in place while you move. It is an excellent and effortless way to stay during period days. 


It’s crucial to avoid excessive pressure on your pelvic region. Therefore, cycling or stationary biking is a gentle exercise for your lower body that keeps your pad secured and fixed while you pedal. Ensure a properly adjustable and comfortable bike seat and loose-fitting clothes to avoid discomfort.  


Focusing on gaining core strength and stability during menstrual days can improve your pelvic support. Gradually starting with a Pilates routine can significantly contribute to your overall well-being and even avoid pad movement. 

Final Thoughts 

These exercises yield remarkable benefits when you are on your period. However, modulating the body’s intensity of physical exertion is crucial to ensuring exercising becomes inherently productive. 

With paramount consideration for your safety and reproductive health, Repad has designed a range of the best-quality pads for periods that fix your inner wear and facilitate comfort during physical activity. It's broad coverage and varying sizes ensure comprehensive protection, eliminating the possibility of leakage from the sides.  

It’s time to remove your worries about pad shifting and embrace a period journey that epitomizes comfort and health. Incorporating these exercises with Repad gradually into your daily routine while using the best quality pads for periods brings a positive change to your outer and inner selves. You can also buy a menstrual cup from Repad for an enhanced period experience!