6 Benefits of Switching to Reusable Cotton Menstrual Pads

6 Benefits of Switching to Reusable Cotton Menstrual Pads

The trend of sustainable living is rapidly growing in tandem with the growing awareness of environmental health. Disposable sanitary pads for periods are one of the contributors to environmental degradation. To cut down on environmental damage, switching to reusable cotton menstrual pads has become extremely important.

But is it only about living sustainably? No, it's about women's personal hygiene as well. Reusable cotton pads for periods are designed to improve a woman's overall health and well-being.

Disposable pads on the market contain synthetic materials, odours, and chemicals that can cause infection, irritation, and allergic reactions. Furthermore, some disposable pads are bleached with chlorine, which releases toxic and harmful chemicals that cause cancer and reproductive issues. The plastic backing of disposable pads provides a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. To keep you from causing harm to your health, Repad has created the best reusable sanitary pads that give you healthier wings.

Here are six reasons why you should switch to reusable cotton menstrual pads if you haven't already:


Disposable pads contribute significantly to the environment by using many resources, such as water, plastic, energy, and chemicals. Switching to reusable cotton pads for periods, which require much less water and energy, would be a game changer for the entire country.

By bringing Repad's reusable maxi pads to use up to 75 times, you can also help the environment by reducing waste disposal.

Gentle on the skin

Disposable sanitary pads are never skin-safe. They can cause allergic reactions and irritation. Regarding personal hygiene, it's always best to avoid using disposable sanitary pads and instead opt for the best reusable sanitary pads.

The reusable maxi pads from Repad are made of anti-microbial-treated material that is resistant to moisture and appears gentle on the skin. Reusable cotton pads are an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

Easy to carry and use

Reusable cotton menstrual pads are much simpler to use than you might think. They are light and compact and can easily fit in your pocket or handbag. Reusable menstrual pads are the best solution on the go, whether going to a party, an event, or travelling a long distance.

A reusable sanitary pad should be used up to 75 times. Simply wash, dry, and reuse your cotton pads after each use. It is simple to maintain and, thus, a convenient and practical choice for individuals.

Prevent health hazards

The plastic backing of disposable pads can cause heat and create a breeding ground for bacterial and yeast infections on your skin.

Repad's reusable cotton pads for periods, on the other hand, are made of anti-microbial fabric that allows air to circulate, keeping your personal area dry and lowering the risk of infection.


On the market, you can find various sanitary pads at different prices. However, choosing reusable maxi pads will benefit you more than any other option.

Reusable pads can be used multiple times instead of disposable pads, which must be purchased regularly and can become costly over time. Switching to reusable menstrual pads can save you a lot of money while lowering your environmental impact.

Comfort over anything else

When choosing the best reusable sanitary pads, comfort is always a priority, as it's about your personal hygiene, which should be treated with utmost care. Whenever you step outside for parties or travel, you cannot deny that there's always some anxiety or tension with your period pads.

Disposable pads made of synthetic fiber, however, cause irritation and rashes and never allow you to feel comfortable and tension-free. Reusable sanitary pads are made of soft, breathable, natural materials that are never harsh on your skin. Not only that, but reusable pads provide you with peace of mind and confidence.

Reusable pads are the best option because they are more comfortable and environmentally friendly than disposable pads. By switching to reusable maxi pads, you can reap unmatched benefits while reducing your environmental impact. You should adapt to this new and smart way of living for various reasons, including making a more comfortable choice for yourself by lowering the risk of menstrual management and saving money in the long run.

Repad was one of the first to pioneer sustainable personal hygiene, aiming to serve with an independent mindset. Repad has designed reusable cotton pads for convenient and bearable periods, even for those who do not have access to sanitary pads, while respecting a woman's values.

It's time to consider the environment, your health, and your menstrual cycle, as these will benefit you in the long run. Switch to Repad's reusable maxi pads to experience the freedom of being a strong woman on the inside and out! Go and check out their product offerings!