Why Period Education Matters

Menstruation is one of the oldest yet least addressed health issues in developing countries like India. In rural areas, where the awareness about menstruation is very less, women suffer from various diseases because of not taking proper healthcare measures during their monthly menstrual cycle.

We Seek To End Period Poverty:

Period poverty ! A reality for millions of women?

Menstruating is a part of everyday life for women all over the world. Although nearly half of the global population are female, a large portion don’t have access to Sanitary Products that help make that time of month so much more breathable. Lack of Access to feminine hygiene products due to poverty is felt by 1.2 billion globally.

The United Nations has recognised menstrual hygiene as a global public health and human rights issue, yet across the world, ‘’period poverty ,“as some call it is a far reality for millions of women and girls.

With taboos and superstitions in different countries, an open discussion in school is impossible and large number of girls globally are unaware about menstruation before their first period.

Re:Pad has decided to take progressive step to provide a better alternative to end period poverty.

Re:Pad is an antimicrobial treated, cost-effective, super absorbent alternative and is a viable solution to millions across the globe.