Re:Pad is a specialist in manufacturing reusable cloth pads with superior absorbent technology powered by Cobalt-Terry microfiber. Keeps you absolutely dry without the fear of leakage or irritation. Although they appear very much similar to regular pad, they are more economically & ecologically viable! No wastage! What’s more, with Re:Pad you stay comfortable, fresh and clean all day long!

Our ecologically engineered pad comes with the superabsorbent material. The topmost layer of Re:Pad reusable pad is made of soft absorbent fleece while the middle portion contains a single Cobalt-Terry layer. And finally, the PUL polyester at the bottom layer ensures durability and longevity of usage. During the regular menstrual cycle of women, pad usage lasts upto 4-5 hours (more if your period is heavy) after which you can remove the used pad. Then place the pads in the carry bag provided along with the kit, and replace it with a new pads.

The uniqueness of our product lies in the fact that our pad uses a patented technology that ensures super absorptivity, durability and high impact-resistance. Moreover, the PUL polyester gives it more tensile-strength. Thus Re:Pad guarantees easy wash ability and reusability. You may be on your toes at the office, battling deadlines or working out at the gym or at home, or even relaxing, Re:Pad is here to save the day! Our reusable cloth pads help you get through your menstrual days comfortably.

Re:Pad Pack of 2 Super Maxi Pads

Re:Pad Pack of 3 Maxi Pads and 1 Super Maxi Pad

Re:Pad Pack of 2 Maxi Pads

Re:Pad Pack of 2 Maxi Pads and 2 Super Maxi Pads

Re:Pad Pack of 1 Maxi Pad and 1 Super Maxi Pad

Re:Pad Pack of 4 Super Maxi Pads

Re:Pad Pack of 4 Maxi Pads

Re:Pad Pack of 1 Maxi Pad