Re:Pad is one among the first initiators of sustainable feminine personal hygiene in India. We manufacture and sell washable & reusable cloth pads. Our goal is to create a revolutionary change in the social as well as the environmental fabric of our society.

Menstruation is one of the oldest, crucial and yet least addressed health issues in a developing nation like India. This is a pressing matter, especially in rural areas where women have neither proper access to information & resources nor proper healthcare measures during their monthly menstruation cycle. The urban sections of the female population, on the other hand, battle with problems like skin rashes, irritation, excessive usage of plastic and accumulation of plastic waste etc. Re:Pad has undertaken the initiative to mitigate resources as well as awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and wellness. We ensure this by spreading awareness about feminine sanitation practices that are healthy, culturally responsive, empowering and environmentally sustainable.

We carry out a holistic implementation through menstrual health education and open dialogues on menstruation all along the process. Re:Pad is committed to building a secure future for women across the globe so they lead a life that is healthy, dignified, affordable and eco-positive.

Re:Pad is REACH & ROHS certified and tested to retard the growth of bacterial and fungal Bioburden.


Menstruation is a natural cyclic process occurring every month for females. This is a phenomenon that we come across in our everyday life but is often overlooked. Menarche and Menopause are two very critical phases in women’s lives. Proper care is required to maintain health and hygiene during menses. Although nearly half the global population are female, a good portion doesn’t have access to sanitary products. Re:Pad has undertaken the initiative to provide multifaceted products that help make that time of the month so much more bearable and convenient for women across the globe from all walks of life regardless of region, financial background, lifestyle etc.

Lack of access to feminine hygiene products due to poverty impacts almost 1.2 billion globally. While young girls having no basic knowledge of sanitary pads miss out their schools, women avoid going to work during their periods, and some ultimately end up being reclusive as a result of being cut-off socially. Re:Pad plays a vital role in mitigating resources as well as awareness.

It’s not just the uneducated & unemployed women who struggle every day to make ends meet that Re:pad helps empower. It is also about the irrevocable trust Re:Pad has earned among several million females from the semi-urban and urban sectors, globally. We provide long-term innovative solutions to millions of females ignoring their menstruation cycle and various precautionary health measures. Our mission is to become a global brand leader in sustainable personal hygiene. We strive to be renowned for our innovation, fearlessness and commitment to social justice & rehabilitation. Our magna mission is to end Period Poverty. To be symbolised as crusaders for the use of alternative materials and zero-waste products in feminine hygiene is what we believe in. Our products are good not just for the body, but also for the environment as well as for the community.


The United Nations has recognised menstrual hygiene as a global public health and human rights issue. And yet around the globe “alleviation of period poverty” is still a farfetched dream, when it comes for millions of women and girls.

This is where we step in.

We have decided to take a progressive step in realising our vision of providing a secure, hygienic future, focusing on holistic welfare for millions of women and girls in distress, on a global outreach.

Our modus operandi would be to provide a more sustainable alternative to a world of disposable sanitary pads by spreading maximum awareness about our products. Through our super absorbent reusable cloth pads, we look forward to creating a revolution in feminine sanitation & health, regardless of race, region, financial or socio-political background. In addition, our ambitious endeavour is to encourage young girls and women across all ages to participate in our feminine hygiene & empowerment activities.

We find it remarkable how we have helped divert millions of disposable pads & tampons from every possible landfill across the globe. The overwhelmingly positive response has only humbled us and motivated us further to strive for excellence. We are deeply committed to carrying out operations and management that is friendly in both environmental & social aspects to provide a better and secure future for millions of menstruating people on the planet.